The Theory of Extinction!

Being a caring and nourishing mother , the Earth never discerned and brought in her consideration who among her creatures is intelligent or innocuous , mammoth or tiny , aquatic or terrestrial carnivorous or herbivorous , rather she is concerned about the acts of her creatures whether constructive or destructive , beneficial or disastrous to the pure creation and no creatures regardless of their size or merit is allowed to break the code of the Universe which reads that no creature is entitled to touch the last line of tolerance of the mother Earth and no perpetrator is allowed to stay in the territorial jurisdiction of the mother Earth after the last sign of intolerance.

The mother Earth has applied the Theory of Extinction before the origin of the humans and now this time the apparantly soft hearted human beings who once recieved the grace and care of the mother Earth became intolerant and aggressive to all existing creatures in the nature and inspite of repeated warnings in the forms of earth quakes , Tsunamis , landslides ,flood ,and many such deterrent means from the mother Earth the greedy humans in their depth of irresponsible and irrational misapplication of merits have invited their own ruin in the earth.

The human beings have consolidated their commanding position in this earth and achieved the highest peak of success with all their inventions , armour of science and technology and wonderful wit and genius in every part of this world .

In doing so,the human beings did such things and committed such perpetration in to the texture and shape of the earth that the definition of life and existence has got a change only in the favour of human beings and destroyed the rights of the other countless living species in the earth .

The acts of aggression of the human beings have created a havoc with the resources in nature . Acting as the master of the world , the human beings in many instances , carried many useless experiments and unnecessary interferences destroying the norms of nature .Human acts in the other side of their achievements inflicted irretrievable injury to all other living being in the earth.

From pollution to felling of trees, from fatal misuse of the natural resources to the destruction of humanity even with their own human community and these disorderly cruel acts of the humans have identified them as the perpetrators in the eyes of the existing creatures and most importantly to the mother Earth.

Therefore, the time has come again to destroy the perpetrators from the earth and now the perpetrators are the humans themselves and irrespective of their importance, feats and achievements of the largest extent, they have to face punishment vide the theory of Extinction.

Some devilish greedy humans to satisfy their unending desires have thrown whole of the human community in the frontline of the process of extinction. Once , millions of years ago dinasures faced the extinction , mammoths faced the extinction , many hundred thousand dangerous predators faced the brunt of extinction and now this time the human beings are in the battle line to face the wrath of extinction from the earth standing against the surprising one newly born predator, the Covid 19 , the Corona virus,

This time, the whole of human community is fighting for their life and existence with an uncertain consequence in the unequal fight against a micro organism , Corona virus !! May the age will take re birth with the victory of the virus and the elimination of human beings from the earth for ever.

This is a tragedy for good human beings who have heartful love and realisation for all living creatures but the powerful greedy and arrogant human versions have broken the safety line of life and existence as a result, all the other living beings, the creatures in order to get rid of the deadly human beings assembled in the prayer before the protector and creator of life who is the mother Earth herself and to bring justice in tune with the code of the Universe written in the time of its origin ,the theory of Extinction has to be applied again.

The human beings are now in the battle line with the most uncertain prediction to be written on their fate with the fight against the Corona virus, the newly created living being by the mother Earth !!

All the good human beings are unanimously in the introspection to the mis deeds committed by their fellow beings ,being driven by greed, and aggression .The good and rational human beings have realised the power of the creator and the lesson of exposed truth that in the eye of the mother Earth equality exists between a tiny ant and a big elephant and a human being is as helpless as an earthworm in the face of the whims and authority of the creator.

The good human beings along with other loyal and obedient living creatures in the earth are in the prayer line to save their life and existence from the attack of hellish acts of all the disloyal forces and the perpetrators by the application of the theory of Extinction.The end of injustice is the beginning of justice and only the good one , the obedient one and the humble and beneficial one is entitled to live here in the ever beautiful earth for ever and ever and ever ….

All the creatures are equal in the eye of the mother Earth

Continued to part 2 .