The Theory of Extinction!

Human developments went against the natural coexistence in the earth for the reason , the intelligent and greedy human beings overpowering the other animals went reckless in disregard to the law of the Universe and the balance of power in the earth.The role of the modern human beings after the 500 AD just destroyed this heavenly habitat and the existence of life shifted towards the extinction and execution. Human greed, human desire went beyond the

deserving level and such irrational and desperate aggressions by the misdeeds and mockery of the greedy power mongers converted the human beings as a dangerous threat and a fearful perpetrator in the earth for the biological existence of the millions of life in the earth.

The humans going blind by their aggressive behaviour went beyond the control line where the mother Earth has the inherent instinct and jurisdiction to implement the law of universe against the intolerable perpetrators as it was applied time and again repeatedly for the protection of the life and existence of the other creatures in earth .

The human beings committed a blunder posing them as the creator of this place and they going by their killing instincts and incoherent malicious acts only to satisfy their own need went absolutely against the spirit of coexistence among the creatures of earth.The human beings touched the destroy line as they went on satisfying ceaseless desires one after the another , driven by their disloyal acts against the creator.

In fact, human beings committed disastrous mistakes in posing themselves as the creator in lieu of admitting themselves as ordinary creatures at par with the all other existing creatures standing on equal footing with them in the eye of the mother Earth. The universal truth is, the earth is not the mother of human beings only, rather the earth is a loving mother to all her creatures and species plants, animals including the human beings and she is the ultimate one to decide anything which is in the benefit of all living creatures in compliance to universal dictum .

In this earth and in view of the mother Earth no living creature is subordinate to any other living creature as they all are the children of the graceful mother Earth and any violation to this identical position even for a single instance shall face the fate of punishment by the mother Earth. This is in accordance with the law of the Universe and this theory of Extinction is to be applied by the mother Earth as per her own will with an unqestionable authority . In fair sense, the grace of the mother Earth has always been distributed evenly to all her living creatures and for the asking , whenever required for the benefit of pure creation.

The earth has been providing all the means of subsistence to every plant and animal in her control and possesion since the time of their birth. The conflicts among the creatures were minimised by the application of biological processes multiple times through evolutionary measures and a mutual coexistence is visible among the children of the mother Earth.

The mother Earth provided all subsistence for life and growth for her creatures