The Theory of Extinction!

Gradually ,the humans learnt the skills of twists and tricks .They were not contented with what they got naturally from the mother Earth, rather they wanted to script certain features which allowed them to perturb coexistence among the creatures of the earth. Then, the humans learnt many skills to exploit the nature to attain desired benefits for their own use.

In course of time, the humans became hungry for grabbing everything needed for their satisfaction beyond their subsistence and were ready to capture even all such things which were never necessary for their basic needs. They started breaking the rules of coexistence in nature and went ahead with aggression to establish their own groups and this aggression of the humans continued for many hundred years after then.This trend of acts of the humans was absolutely against the spirit of life and combination of the theories of the Universe.

After the period of 3500 BCE the human beings started creating their own history by applying many such innovative ideas and rapid change occurred in the world in which the mother Earth was compelled to take a new look different from her earlier one.The artificiality of the shape of the earth was brought by the humans only to inscribe their history and position in the world and the balance of nature started deviating towards destruction.

The next 5000 years after this , the humans did everything and did almost all the things that the earth became the Earth of the humans only and the man made civilization has taken the shape to its consolidation to the most extensive parameter. All the possible developments were materialised by the human beings and this earth became the heaven for the humans who took posture as the maker of their habitat and it’s controls came under powerful human commands.

The history of the earth was rewritten with the history of the humans acts. The earth as it was, changed completely after the human aggressions and the mother Earth gradually lost her control and position in the hands and exploitation of the intelligent but greedy human beings.

In course of time , humans became the master of this earth and did all the things in the interest of their existence, and establishments and as a result , the entire shape and the texture of the earth took a different look which is proximal to the artificial mechanism and distant to natural creation.

This trend of acts of the humans continued and endless exploitation in the name of inventions,experiments,explorations,adventures,sports,enjoyments went on with the human interest and the goals of human benefits undermining the natural interests of the millions of animal and plant species whose existence was proclaimed many million years ago before the origin of the human species in this ever beautiful earth.