The Theory of Extinction!

Since the origin of human beings in the earth to the continuation of the instant century our ancestors wrote the wonderful history shaping and reshaping the texture and the structure of the earth in their own way and formed a commanding position in this earth where the human journey reached an applauding height to dictate everything and everyone to bow down to their whims and interest and then human beings in their vested motion went on rampaging the instincts of the purity of nature’s lesson .

All greedy ambitions trapped them with the commission of an incorrigible and irretrievable blunder which pushed them against the law of nature and now their faces most unfortunately are against the most penetrative attack of the wrath of nature pressed by the theory of Extinction with all possibilities of absolute elimination from their birth place in the apocalypse ordained by the Universe .

The journey began one day in the forenoon some 4,50,000 years ago , the earth was in all colours and shapes looking different in all forms , ferns , grasses , trees covering the surface of the earth , the blue sky was seen extending to the top of the mountains full of ice in the farthest view and the rivers were dancing down the mountain range flowing in all directions became invisible in the distance .

Some humans in a group were seen busy with the stones, setting fire on dried grasses , the sun was about to incline towards west and these humans in a group were busy to hunt a glyptodon .They were not able to communicate with language but some peculiar sounds and utterance through their mouths helped them to track the big animal heading to their way , two of them went to the front and four in the rear and as the fate less animal further approached in their range soon they pounced on it and hunted it .

This was a day long fight with destiny and this time , these humans won the battle however, they remained content with the sole target and their demands for the day were easily satisfied .

The ancient human beings learnt hunting in the very extreme situations and they never resorted to this act of killing for mere enjoyment rather they did it only in the hardest extremities. Hunting as a measure for sporting entertainment or rich pastime developed in the flow of later part of human civilization millions of years later .

Some twenty thousand years ago from now , another small group of humans were seen assembled under some big cryptomaria trees at the place of the modern Africa and started walking down the line of plains and stopped to start collecting dried leaves and branches of the trees ,eggs of the animals and carcasses left unfed by some unknown predators.

All the humans in the groups suddenly broke silence with their peculiar utterance to fix their eyes on another big glyptodon coming towards them but they remained restrained and returned to their shelters carrying the food as they were succeeded to accumulate, fighting the whole of the day. They were uncivilized but they did not surpass the minimum requirements for their subsistence in life. They left the place in jovial mood to enjoy their success .

In the later period of the history of humans , in Europe and Africa ,the humans were seen busy with collecting eggs of the other animals and fishes from the rivers in order to meet their hunger , they usually except the most hardship and contingencies tried the means of hunting with small or large groups .In habitual practice , these humans remained busy in scavenging .They usually were dependent on the woods and the rivers to meet the requirements of their life, and hunting was the last and exceptional means in the acute starvation and extremities.

After many thousand years of the passing of human life and activities on earth , in about 5000 BCE , the new dimension evolved in the life and activities of the humans. They, now started new inventions and ingenious methods with their application to satisfy their needs of life as they opened their desires and greed to accumulate more resources for their subsistence and betterment extending towards exploitations of the nature.