The Theory of Extinction!

At the time of creation of the earth it was ordained that the earth and all its substances are to be governed by the two theories of the Universe and these two theories are complementary to each other and is applicable as and when the alarm is raised by the mother Earth. The first theory is the theory of Creation and the second theory is the theory of Extinction .The first theory is applied when the mother Earth is happy and enjoying her moments and the second theory is applied when the mother Earth is at the inclination of eliminating evil forces from her territory being extremely vexed with the heinous and perpetrating acts of those inimical hazards from the ever beautiful earth. The fact is, the mother Earth applies her theory of Extinction on the unfateful receivers with the most poignant attitude, disdainfully only to eliminate those convicts, the habitual offenders who will not even get an inkling of survival from such merciless strikes from the ever caring mother Earth.

These two theories were declared in the testimony of the Universe and kept in the code of universal law for natural and contingent applications successively, whenever required for the sustainability of life in the earth .This is well set in the existence of life and it’s process in earth and the consequences of the implementation of these two theories in tandem bring evolution through constructions, destructions and reconstructions repeatedly resulting successive initiation and elimination of life in earth .

As per the dictum of the Universe, the mother Earth has implemented these theories innumerable occasions and decided the fate of living creatures within her territorial jurisdiction.One universal truth is always writ large and actively processed in the parameters of earth that no creatures whatsoever look stalwarts and ravaging cannot stay even for a miniscule of the time frame negating the force of the Universe .

Qualifying the test of the theories of the Earth a life , in order to survive from the scathing wrath of the mother Earth , needs an unqualified submission to the testimony of the Universe practiced severely through this Theory of Extinction and surviving the test will take one life proceed beyond the fence of extinction .

This, again will be applied as when the mother Earth deems appropriate and timely for the protection of the beautiful environment standing as the heaven for millions of living creatures .

Beyond the Theory of Extinction!

Subsequently, the origin of human beings was initiated in this ever beautiful earth possibly millions of years ago. Implementation of the two theories in consecutive orders paved the way for origin of a new kind of life, the baby , the naive , the most loving creature , the newly born human, our great ancestors were received by the caring mother Earth in the most pampered way and were taken in her protection with every opportunity, well in excess more than all the other contemporary living creatures received .

This way, our great great great ancestors were fateful to have a warm welcome in the earth and our luckiest ancestors were invited with the best affordable comforts of nature .This helped them in their survival , growth and regeneration of the next successors for the next many million years and ultimately human civilization was able to consolidate it’s position in this beautiful earth .