The Theory of Extinction!

We are all the creatures of the mother Earth!

নতুন পৃথিবী


By Subrata Mukherjee

The book opens its pages revealing the mystery of resurgence of nature led by the mother Earth……

This book will expose the theory of evolution that nature applies when the right time comes and this time that theory has to be applied in tune with the Law of the universe .This theory was applied many times by the nature along with the application of the Theory of Creation and this time the order has to be passed to eliminate the violators and perpetrators again as it was applied many times since the birth of life in earth millions of years ago.

This book depicts the earth as the mother of all the living creatures , since the time of her creation in accordance with the will of the law of Universe,the mother Earth despite various odds and difficulties has been providing all the living creatures every necessity for life besides protection and free accommodation in the version of her own natural way .

Every living being regardless of its size and importance has got a birth right of freedom to live as its own way and enjoy the meaning of life in the lap of nature with a lesson of minimum demand of subsistence of life .The mother Earth has also taught all the creatures to make use of her resources to the extent of sustenance and completion of the life cycle within a limit of natural coexistence and conflicts in exceptional instances .

This very lesson was strictly followed by all the living creatures , plants and animals for millions of years and even the dangerous predators and avengers appeared in earth also followed the same natural law in some specific orders .

In course of time , the natural coexistence and minimum conflicts were neglected by newly appeared predators and avengers and then the mother Earth applied the Theory of Extinction to eliminate all these dangerous predators and perpetrators from the earth .

Then again, with her very sweet will and motherly desire this mother Earth gave birth to the human beings and the joy and happiness in the heart of the mother Earth for her newly born baby , the human being knew no bounds and the mother Earth changed the entire sequence of the demography and texture of this planet with a beautiful environment where the newly born human beings could grow with the joy and peace along with her the other children following the dictum of the Theory of Creation as written in the constitution of the Universe on the day of great magical creation !

The Theory of Extinction!