The wonder of misrepresentation!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

These days one thing has taken the shape of an of order in a sheer form of disorder which we may call it the wonder of misrepresentation! This misrepresentation is not in the occurrence of accidental manifestation rather, it is created in tricky means to hide the reality from the eyes of millions and to mislead them in the flow of misrepresentation.

This disorderly and dented form of manipulated art of tricky representation draws benefits only in favour of a few countable stalwarts who have grabbed the posts and power by any chance and have been successful in hatching their plans to cast dust on the eyes and conscience of millions of people left in the receiving ends of injustice and deprivation of the most acute forms.

A misrepresentation is an untrue statement of a material fact made by one person which affects the other person and his decision in corresponding to a contract.

Misrepresentation has the force of destruction more lethal than the deadliest of missiles!

The wonder of misrepresentation!

To be continued…

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