Tradition and modernity!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi Subratagolapi

Tradition and modernity are often received by the people as contrasting to each other. However, in my opinion it is not so and these two words and concepts are always complementary to each other in all respects and their very basis of existence.

Tradition is considered to be thoughts and ingredients of past practice, culture or social norms accepted down the ages by the common people for many years and the basis of traditional values and considerations are well accepted in all forms in the society founded by the humans.

Modernity is the term associated with the upgraded or updated views or materials in our life forming the part of human performance and personality in the extent of completion and ramifications to the next level of living.

In common perception and the opinions taken apparantly tradition and modernity are considered as the two wings going to two divergent and different directions, which shall never be co existing and supportive to each other in any angle.

Tradition and modernity are the two main streams of civilization carrying every one of us to the future existence!

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Traditional values and considerations are not the means to be verified with the sieves of modernity. Traditional values of life are not the mirrors reflecting the balance sheet of profit and loss in the face value but obedience to such deep rooted and trusted principles can yield benefits in our life in the long run.

Modernity and ism of modern poms are not time tested and to be accepted as the elixirs of life. Modern waves and winds are not confined in dresses and designs only rather, these waves and winds must be associated with the flow of life from all walks of life in the society.

Modernity is the flavour in the hands of the rich people as the rich people only can afford to have all such things and particles of science and technology galore in the markets of business but the poor lacking monetary power resort to old forms and ingredients holding backdated elements in their life.

As a result society gets modernised by the rich people with their modern gadgets and colours in one end leaving the other end in the background of traditional ambience where modern facilities, modern waves and wings are less in numbers.

….to be continued.

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