Position of women in India, past and present!

In the post-independence period with the enactment and implementation of the constitution of India, women’s movement and activities raised remarkably in the social, cultural and political fields in the country.

Indian women had some barriers from the patriarchal pattern of the Indian society in the context of their birth right, position in a family compared to the male counterparts, right to education, marriage and most importantly, the life in the families of her in laws and the outside society.

Despite the progress of the women’s movement in India, life of the modern day women in modern India still face many issues of discriminations and injustice. India’s patriarchal culture has made the growth of women’s movement suffered many set backs and objections. Access to education and freedom in the social life were repeatedly denied by the stubborn patriarchal stalwarts in the society.

India is a great country where women are worshipped as the deities in many forms like Durga, Chandi,Kali,Jagadamba,Santoshi, Tara, Mahamaya, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Subhadra,Vaishnodevi and many many known and unknown forms and figures. Despite such a huge and universal acceptance of the deities in the Indian culture, religion and heritage the position of Indian women are not acclaimed in the highest degree of dignity and respect which the rest of the world could havy envy for!

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