Position of women in India, past and present!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi Subratagolapi

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Feminism in India started with a set of movements aimed at defining the parameters of the women’s right in political, economic and social fields together with creating and defending opportunities for women in India.

নতুন পৃথিবী।

With this objective within the society the women in India started their roles and activities as their counterparts in the rest of the world.Women in India with their activities and societal awareness demanded some basic rights like gender equality, the right to work for equal wages, the right to equal access to health and education and equal social and political rights.

Indian women also have fought actively against all sorts of discriminations and biased culture-specific issues prevailing in India’s patriarchal society for a long time.

The history of women’s movement started in India before the independence and spread in many parts of the country. In the order of demand and necessity with the time the women leaders in India consolidated their stand slowly but surely and their attempts touched the level of their desired objectives.

In the beginning of 19th century the women’s movement in modern India was initiated when reformists and the anti British movement began in full swing in the country.
The women leaders spoke in favour of women rights by making reforms in education, society and customs related to women. There after, when Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation raised the call of “Quit India movement” thousands of women joined the movement and independent women’s organisations began to emerge in large numbers.

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