Corona, the silent killer!

A PCR-based diagnostic protocol for COVID-19 using swabbed samples from a patient’s nose and throat, was first put forth by a group of German scientists. Thereafter, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed its own assay. Rapid turnaround time for COVID-19 test results helps to get detection of route to the ramifications of the virus.

However, this is not the first global pandemic and it certainly will not be the last. It is challenging to predict pandemics due to global hyperconnectedness, trade, travel, changing climate and unplanned urbanization and indiscriminate deforestation. Changes in temperature and rainfall can affect agricultural practices and these in turn can intensify the spread of disease-causing pathogens and similar agents. Altered human behaviour, environmental degradation, uncontrolled population growth and unjustified migration, damaging freshwater resources and non effective solid waste management can increase the spread of vector-borne diseases more in the near future.

Black Death in Europe wiped out many million people in the 14th century. With the development of cheaper and faster rail and air travel, infectious diseases can be able to spread across the globe in the 21st century.This is attributed to the tremendous advancements and use of science and technology.

The global health systems are now facing tough challenges despite being more prepared than earlier time. Epidemics have turned to a giant pandemic!

Difference is that in all the previous epidemics a certain part of the country or the continent or the world was affected but this time the entire world is equally affected irrespective of the class and rank of the nations as the developing or the develpoed ones!

নতুন পৃথিবী।

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

নতুন পৃথিবী।


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