India, a country of perfection!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi Subratagolapi

India is a land of versatility, a large continent with the flow of multiple religious and cultural influences from the various known and unknown sources of the world. Indian civilization initiated from the civilization of Harappa and Mahenjodorho ramified to the largest possible extent with the assimilation of all the religions, class , race, beliefs of the world. If anything is found in this great country the existence of that very thing is evenly extant in the rest of the world!

From the barbaric savage practice of religious and cultural heritage to the subtle and noble form of non-violence and generous principles of coexistence even in the midst of conflicting interests India is conspicuous by her genuine and inherent flow of religious unity. This is not any ordinary attribute to be substantiated in the superficial approach to a society , rather it is embedded deeply in the intrinsic motivation of one ness among the people of all walks of life!

Who loved or who could not make love with this country have equally accepted the position of this great country that even a single chance to be framed with the flow of this great environment can be set in life as an exemplary and an opportunity to be in the world of immemorial experience!

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