Reality and hollowness!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In Love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The life of ours, we the common people!

Revolve round the reality of fight for food and some very ordinary things.

The leaders who are in the power promise big but apply the art of tricks;

On our life and change everything in to a hollowness!

We resume the fight for food again and our dreams are trampled under their feet.

The political giants who with the art of flattery and the tricks make our world meaningless again in to the hollowness!

We the common people of the world start our days in the darkness.

As the lights of hope are absorbed in the mistrust, treachery and again in hollowness!

The cry of the common people with their dreams are all left in the hollow caves full of dark.

The rich and the traitors with their reign of power, rule over the bleeding people as hungry as sharks!

©️ Subratagolapi

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