Hunger and the politics!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The basic needs of a common man cannot be pinpointed by the framework of political discretion. This basic law has always been misjudged by the innovators of political resources.

Human life is always full of hues and wands of various forms ranging between primary to superiority. Needs of human life may these be primary or secondary are always important for consequences in their respective fields. The world of humans are not limited to the extent of free radicals of basic needs. Food clothing and shelter were the requirements of the humans in the early stages of civilization. Today the scenario is different from that primitive stage.

“Man is by nature a political animal!” and “Politics is the last resort to the scoundrels!” are the two contradictory sentences in the world of humans. Both these well popular maxims are received with great forces of supporters all over the world.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Political sources so far have played an important role in the development of the human civilization by importing certain elements which were otherwise absolutely impossible for the humans to apply in their own gains and benefits. Political organizations though have developed the world of humans in all sorts of representations. Politics have made such classifications and segmentation in the human society that could not have been made otherwise.

Being the citizens of the same country the common people have received separate status and identities and they are fragmented to various groups and classifications. Leaders have a superior stage and the followers have a separate inferior stage. The matter is well conspicuous in the fields of amenities and services necessary for life. Politics have made two distinct roads for the citizens , the common people will fight for basic needs of life and will remain pacified with the grace of the political leaders and on the contrary, the political leaders will enjoy a life befitting to a king with all luxuries and comforts of life!

God has created the world where all the humans are equal in all forms of physical and intellectual attributes and all the humans are mortal without any rank or position. On the contrary, politics have made the world of humans distinct from the order of the God and the political world is not uniform as this world of politics is different for different humans. The leaders will rule and enjoy the common people and the ordinary people are subject to the most struggling conditions of life for basic needs devoid of any kind of luxury and comfort.

Politics can make two same kinds of persons look different. This distinction among the people is not ordained by the God but by the political leaders vide application of distorted form of politics!

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

All the tigers enjoy the same rights, all the cows, all the deers, the camels and the other animals have the same rights and fate but all the humans are not same owing to the cunning application of politics by the politicians. Though some schools of thought believe in the variation of intelligence in humans for which their positions may appear different but in fact the truth is not exposed yet.

The true version of politics is not available to the common people but a distorted and demonic version is always in practice by the political leaders of the world and the swing of happenings is always found to be in the favour of the leaders. In many countries in the world the modern politics is just an association of the corrupt and dishonest people doing favours to their own causes exploiting the common people.

The basic amenities of life are still the distant dreams for the common people of the country. They live like animals and die like insects but the political leaders are enjoying all the comforts and luxuries of life!

The New World(Natun Prithibi)

This is not a fault of the politicians who by tricky and corrupt practices deprive the common people but it is a crime by them. The term “leaders” has been coined and used inappropriately to the political persons of a country and by taking such a useful reception of being the “leaders”, the political persons do all those things and talk all such words which they are not ever liable to the common people. Another problem is that the majority of the common people are subject to poverty, deprivation and want of basic needs of their life besides financial debility and lack of future prospects. These negative environment in their life make them easily susceptible to the acts and words of the political persons of a country.

In fact, term “leaders” is not the sole attribute of the political persons rather the scientists, the doctors, the poets, the writers, the teachers, the singers, the film personalities and many such successful persons from various fields may take the role of the true leaders of a country and they can even be better than corrupt and dishonest political leaders. The future of a country may be better than what is now begotten and received from the fake leadership of those incapable and corrupt political persons of a country.

The common people are passing through acute hardship fighting every minute of their life for the very basic needs of life and are forced to live a life of dejection and deprivation by the corrupt practices of the political persons in the name of great “leadership”!

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The time has come to raise the awareness of the common people of the country to unearth the lies and mockery of the corrupt practices of the political persons. The truth has to be exposed that nothing is short in any country of the world created by the God but owing to lapses from the political persons who most of them are with without any quality and qualifications posses the most powerful posts and mislead the common people days after days years after years!

This is the high time to ask the questions to the political persons of the world about their credentials and experience for the activities in the interest of the common people. The questions must be asked to them what they have contributed for the common people and what they have acquired and received for their own gains and benefits.

Hunger, deprivation, injustice, exploitation, corruption are all the manipulated acts of the corrupt political persons of any country in the world. There are nothing short in the resources of the earth or in the humans as this world is full of all resources and ingredients necessary to satisfy the requirements of all the people of the world.

Luxury, comforts, unwanted possession, distortion, dishonesty are all the assets and ornaments of the corrupt political persons who remain always happy holding the most powerful posts and positions depriving the interest of the common people.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Patriotism is no longer in existence in the acts and thoughts of those political persons who are busy in meeting their own gains and benefits of being the “leaders” of the country. They never take part in the fights against the enemies in the borders of the country, they never plough the soil for farming, they never engage themselves in any patriotic activities except the art of talking big as ballons despite doing nothing such they are on the top on the posts and positions in all the countries of the world!

Taken from “The Leaders of the World!” by Subrata Mukherjee

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

©️ Subratagolapi

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