The paradoxical truth!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The truth has no colour, it is always transparent and clearly accountable to everyone who remains in the continuous search of the truth. The truth is sublime and inspiring for everyone in every act and thought. It is the elixir of life and the backbone of a great civilization.

On the contrary, lying is destruction for every religious act and for every creation of humanity. Lying may be beneficial but to a limited extent and for one’s own benefit only. It has no status in the world of greatness.

However, in this very complicated world today truth and lie are not always opposite and contradictory to each other, rather truth does not come as a substantial weapon of choice even for the truthful persons. Human psychology has experienced several tests in many turns and twists resulting an ambience of mistaken belief and faithless relationship.

The truth has never been satisfied with the flow of desires of any human being but it has stood upright all the time even going against the desires of the strongest of human beings in this world. Truth is a wonderful determiner of every wrong and right in human perception ever since the beginning of human civilization in this world.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The truth has been defined in many religious and holy books of the world and perhaps all the religions admit the veracity of truth, yet obedience to truth is a rarity even in the truthful persons. Good and bad can not be classified in the context of truth and lie as I have seen the negation of truth by the truthful persons and acceptance of truth by the liers in many instances of their practical life.

Judging a human character is not easy in the line of observation of truth as many good looking faces, many priests, many self proclaimed Godmen and leaders of the world who ought to have reposed their faith in the heaven of truth have deviated otherwise and followed the instructions of lying in their orders of life, yet they are considered respected and admired in the society.

On the contrary, a man or woman who simply is not a great but ordinary in his or her practice and has strictly followed the line of truth has never come as a respected and admired person in the eyes of the people!

This is a fallacy and often the truth is negated by the mainstream of the society and the liers who are shamefully accepted the line of lying in their need and favours wittingly and intelligently in their desired points and moments have come out as the leading faces of the world of advantages.

The world is a place of peace and happiness despite all corrosion of emotions, relationship and trust for the reasons that all the people have not yet learnt to pluck the fruits of advantages for their own gains and pleasures. There are many such people who still hold the line of truth knowing well that they will not be benefitted much in this materialistic world but they are proud and upright and never even for a wink have inclined to accept the lying as means of achievement in their life.

Human life is always full of struggles of immense nature and these struggles have taken the shape of unending complications for those people who have always been dishonest but appeared honest, ungrateful yet appeared philanthropic in the eyes of millions of people in this world and camouflaged themselves with their art of lying in every sphere of life. For many countless years this continued in the history of humans and human life got affected with the hoax of intellectual liers and the genuine truthful persons bore the brunt of humiliation, injustice and oppression and the quality of truth stands almost obliterated.

The truth appears to be overpowered by lies and equation of life is confused to read the message of hope, love and eternal peace in the paradoxical truth of the version of impure elements of the world who are not the same what they are actually in their appearance yet are followed by millions as the icons of the human civilization!

The people who have always inclined to lies in their acts and thoughts have gained certain instant benefits out of the troubled waters but in the long run their positions may face gradual degradation in all forms of definition. Human life is not a bubble of colours explodes instantly by any means but a transition from something transient to a stable position in the heaven of truth and in the world of judicious social orders.

An excerpt from “The Paradoxical truth!” By Subrata Mukherjee.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

©️ Subratagolapi

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