On your bent knees!

By Subrata Mukherjee


The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Rising in a tune, with a song of the king.

Whose endless crave makes you sigh!

Dancing in a rhyme with a poem of the queen.

Whose hands are so full of greed!

That takes your blood and makes you cry!

The wings of evil from the king with the queen.

Flying it’s head to the darkest grave, bite you in pain, tear all your dream.

Big and tall, the king with the queen!

Force you beg and lick the dust.

Colours and hue, pomp and lust of the king and the queen.

Push you shrink, take away all right and just!

Make you sway in a swing of lies as your fate rolls in a ring.

Bring you up, all in a flow as you start a song.

For those great, the queen and the king!

As you all , flesh and blood, for a fight in a storm or in scorching sun.

Have learnt to live like a beast, oft in a mud or for a chase, in a run!

With all your dream like a snail, never stands but fall in a well.

Drops of your blood, for a grain of food, make you break and wail!

All you set, not for a rest but a load to be kept, on your head.

The king and the queen bind in their love, busy in their kiss.

You, the skinny bones in full grate, up again, bent on your knees!


The smile of a star!

By Subrata Mukherjee


The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The smile of a star!

The song of the redbreast becomes even louder!

Seems telling all, one hidden truth in bare.

That goes to the hill in the distance,

Touching through the woods on the shore!

The hollow pride and the dark glory of the rich just kissed the dust!

Where the poorest of the poor had set his feet before.

The Earth on a call began rolling back.

The remotest star in the East smiles again and more!

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