Corona and the corruption, the two killers but with a different reception!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

In this world today, if any word is tantamount to the most dangerous killer for the humans, it is ‘Corona.’ Corona, the Covid 19, the name is all to create panic down the spine of the entire human civilization across the world.

Interestingly, in the last hundred years of the human civilization two destructive and infamous world wars struck upon the human life and property and after these wars, many regional wars involving two,three and even four countries took place and left the world with the scars of wounds, deformities and deaths to the most extended forms.

Though surprisingly, even after such huge ravages on the human civilization reconstructions of the world started with a heavy pace.

The continuous improvement and renovation of the world began after the huge impact of the world wars and human civilizations started consolidating it’s position again and as a result, the entire world was classified in to the first world, second world and the third world countries on the basis of their economic, political and infrastructural norms and standards of living, security of life and poverty and disease indices.

The value of life grew differently in the different countries complying with that classification and standardization based on various factors.

However, in the post corona period that classification looks altogether immaterial and irrelevant as the infections, deaths due to corona in the so called first world and the second world countries are more than that of the third world countries in the world. To be precise, it can be said that this corona has equalised the gap between the developed superpowers and the developing countries of the world rather, the numbers of infections and deaths in the developed nations are really the subjects of big concerns.

In the truest admission it is called the pandemic and this pandemic is identified and efforts were initiated to counter this pandemic.

This is the view of one side of the coin of truth with the world in the running century and the other side shows the view of another pandemic which has already taken its root deeply in to the texture of the world of humans much before the appearance of corona and that issue is left unattended deliberately by the world leaders and the leaders of the respective countries.

Such a lackadaisical approach and the flaw from the world community caused tremendous quakes towards another form of destruction. This second form of pandemic is corruption but unfortunately, even knowing all aspects of its negative impact, the world leaders just raised their voice loud and gestured with the eye brows, keeping the required steps absolutely in the state of hibernation and let the common people fall in to the pits of darkness in their life for ever!

So, the pandemics are two, one started earlier with the growth of human civilization and was received care and pamper from all walks of life resulting a huge spoil of economic resources and damage of civilization.

This corruption as received by the world communities in soft hands crippled the world economy and created a chasm in the society and it is the only source of all the social deformities and dissension in the human civilization creating all forms of discrimination.

The other is corona, the Covid 19 and for its sudden impact on the human life this virus snatched all the lime lights of the world and became a spotted enemy of the humans.

Now, the spot light is on corona and the shadow casts on corruption as usual resulting destruction of human civilization in whole of its forms. If corona is killing life, corruption is destroying economy, the social order of humans and the way of their living, giving birth to various forms of differences and discrimination!

So, this is a fallacy to recognise corona as a pandemic and corruption to be left unattended deliberately only to meet the interests of the big fishes.

What is the value of human life without honour and dignity? The life is mortal but it’s honour is perpetual and counted for generations.Today what we see that in many countries minimum numbers of people have maximum possession of wealth and the world economy is not balanced rather tilted towards discrimination. This corona has taught us many truths, kept unnoticed by us for many years. One of many such truth is that the value of life for a rich and a poor is same and death is equally painful and brings irreparable loss to both of them!

If Corona is a pandemic to terrify the people of all walks of life, another terror had come much earlier that destroyed the balance in the human society in all forms and the name of this terror is corruption! Corona has received an obstruction from us but unfortunately, corruption despite its all destructive consequences in human life and society, left with a deliberate ignorance by the leaders of the world!

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The leaders of the respective countries and the world must realise that the justice can not be a blind order and the corruption even in the slightest form is an injustice with a blind order creating discrimination in the society and the world, killing honour and dignity in our life destroying all sense of human!

Faulty implementation of policies by the humans in various disciplines have created such artificial mechanism of classification.This is all baseless and a farce rather, the universal truth is, we all are humans and same with the religion of humanity and we all deserve respect, honour and dignity in our life and even after death. There are no black, no white, no rich, no poor, no aboriginal and no modern people in this great world as artificially created by the weapon of discrimination taking birth from the virus of corruption. We have realised the truth in our life that we all, are on the same boat brother!

This is a short extract from the original book entitled “Corona and the corruption, the two killers but with a different reception!’ by Subrata Mukherjee.

নতুন পৃথিবী

©️ Subratagolapi

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