The Theory of Extinction!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

This book visualises the earth as the mother of all living creatures and nullifies the concept of human beings as the master of the world with a lesson that before the power and authority of the nature earth human beings are as helpless as an earthworm!

Moreover, justice will be pronounced for the benefit and protection of the loyal to the mother Earth.The application of the Theory of Extinction will be made to eliminate all the perpetrators and disloyal forces against the nature and this is the dictum written on the code of Universe!

নতুন পৃথিবী

The nature strikes back with a call of warning to all the predators who violate the rule of mutual existence and minimum subsistence for their greed and expanded desires with limitless happiness and selfish interest. Once the humans came in this earth by the grace of nature the fate was written that the day will come when they will go for ever in the wrath of the nature.

Since the time of their origin humans got every possible way of subsistence from the nature but they exploited all the resources of the nature and changed the entire environment prone to destruction. Continuous greed and unsatisfied desires made the human beings work against the will of nature and by such evil practice humans crossed all the limits of reversal from absolute extinction. It is only a matter of time that the entire human civilization will go extinct.

This book will expose the theory of evolution that nature applies when the right time comes and this time that theory has to be applied in tune with the Law of the universe .This theory was applied many times by the nature along with the application of the Theory of Creation and this time the order has to be passed to eliminate the violators and perpetrators again as it was applied many times since the birth of life in earth millions of years ago.

নতুন পৃথিবী
The Theory of Extinction and The Theory of Creation are in simultaneous process!

Every living being regardless of its size and importance has got a birth right of freedom to live as its own way and enjoy the meaning of life in the lap of nature with a lesson of minimum demand of subsistence of life.The mother Earth has also taught all the creatures to make use of her resources to the extent of sustenance and completion of the life cycle within a limit of natural coexistence and conflicts in exceptional instances .

This very lesson was strictly followed by all the living creatures, plants and animals for millions of years and even the dangerous predators and avengers appeared in earth also followed the same natural law in some specific orders .

In course of time, the natural coexistence and minimum conflicts were neglected by newly appeared predators and avengers and then the mother Earth applied the Theory of Extinction to eliminate all these dangerous predators and perpetrators from the earth .

Then again, with her very sweet will and motherly desire this mother Earth gave birth to the human beings and the joy and happiness in the heart of the mother Earth for her newly born baby , the human being knew no bounds and the mother Earth changed the entire sequence of the demography and texture of this planet with a beautiful environment where the newly born human beings could grow with the joy and peace along with her the other children following the dictum of the Theory of Creation as written in the constitution of the Universe on the day of great magical creation!

At the time of creation of the earth it was ordained that the earth and all its substances are to be governed by the two theories of the Universe and these two theories are complementary to each other and is applicable as and when the alarm is raised by the mother Earth. The first theory is the theory of Creation and the second theory is the theory of Extinction.The first theory is applied when the mother Earth is happy and enjoying her moments and the second theory is applied when the mother Earth is at the inclination of eliminating evil forces from her territory being extremely vexed with the heinous and perpetrating acts of those inimical hazards from the ever beautiful earth.

The fact is, the mother Earth applies her theory of Extinction on the unfateful receivers with the most poignant attitude, disdainfully only to eliminate those convicts, the habitual offenders who will not even get an inkling of survival from such merciless strikes from the ever caring mother Earth.

The Theory of Extinction has been applied many times by the mother Earth before the origin of humans!

These two theories were declared in the testimony of the Universe and kept in the code of universal law for natural and contingent applications successively, whenever required for the sustainability of life in the earth .This is well set in the existence of life and it’s process in earth and the consequences of the implementation of these two theories in tandem bring evolution through constructions, destructions and reconstructions repeatedly resulting successive initiation and elimination of life in earth.

As per the dictum of the Universe, the mother Earth has implemented these theories innumerable occasions and decided the fate of living creatures within her territorial jurisdiction.One universal truth is always writ large and actively processed in the parameters of earth that no creatures whatsoever look stalwarts and ravaging cannot stay even for a miniscule of the time frame negating the force of the Universe.

Qualifying the test of the theories of the Earth a life , in order to survive from the scathing wrath of the mother Earth, needs an unqualified submission to the testimony of the Universe practiced severely through this Theory of Extinction and surviving the test will take one life proceed beyond the fence of extinction.

This, again will be applied as when the mother Earth deems appropriate and timely for the protection of the beautiful environment standing as the heaven for millions of living creatures.

Subsequently, the origin of human beings was initiated in this ever beautiful earth possibly millions of years ago. Implementation of the two theories in consecutive orders paved the way for origin of a new kind of life, the baby, the naive, the most loving creature, the newly born human, our great ancestors were received by the caring mother Earth in the most pampered way and were taken in her protection with every opportunity, well in excess more than all the other contemporary living creatures received.

This way, our great great great ancestors were fateful to have a warm welcome in the earth and our luckiest ancestors were invited with the best affordable comforts of nature.This helped them in their survival, growth and regeneration of the next successors for the next many million years and ultimately human civilization was able to consolidate it’s position in this beautiful earth.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Since the origin of human beings in the earth to the continuation of the instant century our ancestors wrote the wonderful history shaping and reshaping the texture and the structure of the earth in their own way and formed a commanding position in this earth where the human journey reached an applauding height to dictate everything and everyone to bow down to their whims and interest and then human beings in their vested motion went on rampaging the instincts of the purity of nature’s lesson.

All greedy ambitions trapped them with the commission of an incorrigible and irretrievable blunder which pushed them against the law of nature and now their faces most unfortunately are against the most penetrative attack of the wrath of nature pressed by the theory of Extinction with all possibilities of absolute elimination from their birth place in the apocalypse ordained by the Universe.

The journey began one day in the forenoon some 4,50,000 years ago , the earth was in all colours and shapes looking different in all forms, ferns , grasses, trees covering the surface of the earth, the blue sky was seen extending to the top of the mountains full of ice in the farthest view and the rivers were dancing down the mountain range flowing in all directions became invisible in the distance.

Some humans in a group were seen busy with the stones, setting fire on dried grasses, the sun was about to incline towards west and these humans in a group were busy to hunt a glyptodon. They were not able to communicate with language but some peculiar sounds and utterance through their mouths helped them to track the big animal heading to their way, two of them went to the front and four in the rear and as the fate less animal further approached in their range soon they pounced on it and hunted it.

This was a day long fight with destiny and this time, these humans won the battle however, they remained content with the sole target and their demands for the day were easily satisfied.

The ancient human beings learnt hunting in the very extreme situations and they never resorted to this act of killing for mere enjoyment rather they did it only in the hardest extremities. Hunting as a measure for sporting entertainment or rich pastime developed in the flow of later part of human civilization millions of years later.

Some twenty thousand years ago from now, another small group of humans were seen assembled under some big cryptomaria trees at the place of the modern Africa and started walking down the line of plains and stopped to start collecting dried leaves and branches of the trees, eggs of the animals and carcasses left unfed by some unknown predators.

Every living being has a place in the lap of nature!

In the later period of the history of humans, in Europe and Africa ,the humans were seen busy with collecting eggs of the other animals and fishes from the rivers in order to meet their hunger, they usually except the most hardship and contingencies tried the means of hunting with small or large groups .In habitual practice, these humans remained busy in scavenging .They usually were dependent on the woods and the rivers to meet the requirements of their life, and hunting was the last and exceptional means in the acute starvation and extremities.

After many thousand years of the passing of human life and activities on earth, in about 5000 BCE, the new dimension evolved in the life and activities of the humans. They, now started new inventions and ingenious methods with their application to satisfy their needs of life as they opened their desires and greed to accumulate more resources for their subsistence and betterment extending towards exploitations of the nature.

Gradually, the humans learnt the skills of twists and tricks.They were not contented with what they got naturally from the mother Earth, rather they wanted to script certain features which allowed them to perturb coexistence among the creatures of the earth. Then, the humans learnt many skills to exploit the nature to attain desired benefits for their own use.

In course of time, the humans became hungry for grabbing everything needed for their satisfaction beyond their subsistence and were ready to capture even all such things which were never necessary for their basic needs. They started breaking the rules of coexistence in nature and went ahead with aggression to establish their own groups and this aggression of the humans continued for many hundred years after then.This trend of acts by the humans was absolutely against the spirit of life and combination of the theories of the Universe.

After the period of 3500 BCE the human beings started creating their own history by applying many such innovative ideas and rapid change occurred in the world in which the mother Earth was compelled to take a new look different from her earlier one.The artificiality of the shape of the earth was brought by the humans only to inscribe their history and position in the world and the balance of nature started deviating towards destruction.

The next 5000 years after this, the humans did everything and did almost all the things that the earth became the Earth of the humans only and the man made civilization has taken the shape to its consolidation to the most extensive parameter. All the possible developments were materialised by the human beings and this earth became the heaven for the humans who took posture as the maker of their habitat and it’s controls came under powerful human commands.

The earth is not for the humans only!

The history of the earth was rewritten with the history of the humans acts. The earth as it was, changed completely after the human aggressions and the mother Earth gradually lost her control and position in the hands and exploitation of the intelligent but greedy human beings.

In course of time, humans became the master of this earth and did all the things in the interest of their existence, and establishments and as a result, the entire shape and the texture of the earth took a different look which is proximal to the artificial mechanism and distant to natural creation.

These experiments, explorations, adventures, sports, enjoyments went on with the human interest and the goals of human benefits undermining the natural interests of the millions of animal and plant species whose existence was proclaimed many million years ago before the origin of the human species in this ever beautiful earth.

Human developments went against the natural coexistence in the earth and for this reason, the intelligent and greedy human beings overpowering the other animals went reckless in disregard to the law of the Universe and the balance of power in the earth.The role of the modern humans after 500 AD just destroyed this heavenly habitat and the existence of life shifted towards the extinction and the process of execution.”

Human greed, human desire went beyond the deserving level and such irrational and desperate aggressions by the misdeeds and mockery of the greedy power mongers converted the human beings as a dangerous threat and a fearful perpetrator in the earth for the biological existence of the millions of life in the earth.

The humans going blind by their aggressive behaviour went beyond the control line where the mother Earth has the inherent and instinctive jurisdiction to implement the law of universe against the intolerable perpetrators as it was applied time and again repeatedly for the protection of the life and existence of the other creatures in earth.

The humans committed a blunder posing them as the creator of this place and they going by their killing instincts and incoherent malicious acts only to satisfy their own need went absolutely against the spirit of coexistence among the creatures of earth.The humans touched the destroy line as they went on satisfying ceaseless desires one after the another, driven by their disloyal acts against the creator.

In fact, humans committed disastrous mistakes in posing themselves as the creator in lieu of admitting themselves as ordinary creatures at par with the all other existing creatures standing on equal footing with them in the eye of the mother Earth. The universal truth is, the earth is not the mother of humans only, rather the earth is a loving mother to all her creatures and species of plants and animals including the humans and she is the ultimate one to decide anything which is in the benefit of all living creatures in compliance to universal dictum.

In this earth and in view of the mother Earth no living creature is subordinate to any other living creature as they all are the children of the graceful mother Earth. Any violation of this position even for a single instance shall face the fate of punishment by the mother Earth. This is in accordance with the law of the Universe and this theory of Extinction is to be applied by the mother Earth as per her own will with an unqestionable authority. In fair sense, the grace of the mother Earth has always been distributed evenly to all her living creatures and for the asking, whenever required for the benefit of pure creation.

The mother Earth has provided all the subsistence for living and also taught mutual coexistence!

The earth has been providing all the means of subsistence to every plant and animal in her control and possesion since the time of their birth. The conflicts among the creatures were minimised by the application of biological processes multiple times through evolutionary measures and a mutual coexistence is visible among the children of the mother Earth.

Being a caring and nourishing mother, the Earth never discerned and brought in her consideration who among her creatures is intelligent or innocuous, mammoth or tiny, aquatic or terrestrial carnivorous or herbivorous, rather she is concerned about the acts of her creatures whether constructive or destructive, beneficial or disastrous to the pure creation and no creatures regardless of their size or merit is allowed to break the code of the Universe which reads that no creature is entitled to touch the last line of tolerance of the mother Earth and no perpetrator is allowed to stay in the territorial jurisdiction of the mother Earth after the last sign of intolerance.

The mother Earth has applied the Theory of Extinction before the origin of the humans and now this time, the apparantly soft hearted humans who once recieved the grace and care of the mother Earth became intolerant and aggressive to all existing creatures in the nature and despite repeated warnings in the forms of earth quakes,Tsunamis, landslides, flood and many such deterrent means from the mother Earth the greedy humans in their depth of irresponsible and irrational misapplication of merits have invited their own ruin in this earth.

The human beings have consolidated their commanding position in this earth and achieved the highest peak of success with all their inventions, armour of science and technology, wonderful wit and genius in every part of this world.

In doing so,the human beings did such things and committed such perpetration in to the texture and shape of the earth that the definition of life and existence has got a change only in the favour of humans who destroyed the rights of the other countless living species in the earth.

In the eye of mother Earth both this tiny insect and the most intelligent human are same!

The acts of aggression of the human beings have created a havoc with the resources in nature. Acting as the master of the world, the humans in many instances, carried many useless experiments and unnecessary interferences destroying the norms of nature. Human acts in the other side of their achievements inflicted irretrievable injury to all other living beings in this earth.

From pollution to felling of trees, from fatal misuse of the natural resources to the destruction of humanity even with their own human community and these disorderly cruel acts of the humans have identified them as the perpetrators in the eyes of the other existing creatures and most importantly their character has been exposed before the eyes of the mother Earth.

Only the obedient being to the mother Earth will survive!

Therefore, the time has come again to destroy the perpetrators from the earth and now the perpetrators are the humans themselves and irrespective of their importance, feats and achievements of the largest extent, they have to face punishment according to the theory of Extinction.

Some devilish greedy humans to satisfy their unending desires have thrown whole of the human community in the frontline of the process of extinction. Once, millions of years ago dinasures faced the extinction, mammoths faced the extinction, many hundred thousand dangerous predators faced the brunt of extinction and now this time the humans are in the battle line to face the wrath of extinction from the earth standing against the surprising one newly born predator, the Covid 19, the Corona virus!

This time, the whole of human community is fighting for their life and existence with an uncertain consequence in the unequal fight against a micro organism, Corona virus! May the age will take re birth with the victory of the virus and the elimination of human beings from the earth for ever.

This is a tragedy for good humans who have heartful love and realisation for all living creatures but the powerful greedy and arrogant human versions have broken the safety line of life and existence as a result, all the other living beings, the creatures in order to get rid of those deadly humans assembled in the prayer before the protector and creator of life . The mother Earth herself shall bring justice in tune with the code of the Universe written in the time of its origin and the theory of Extinction has to be applied again!

The humans alone are now in the battle line with the most uncertain prediction to be written on their fate with the fight against the Corona virus, the newly created living being by the mother Earth!

All the good humans are unanimously in the introspection for misdeeds committed by their fellow humans, being driven by greed, and aggression. The good and rational human beings have realised the power of the creator and the lesson of exposed truth that in the eye of the mother Earth equality exists between a tiny ant and a big elephant and a human being is as helpless as an earthworm in the face of the whims and authority of the supreme creator.

The good loyal and obedient humans along with the similar natured creatures in the earth are in the prayer line to save their life and existence from the attack of hellish acts of all the disloyal forces and the perpetrators from the application of the theory of Extinction.The end of injustice is the beginning of justice and only the good one, the obedient one ,the humble and beneficial one is entitled to live here in the ever beautiful earth for ever and ever and ever ….!

The mother Earth will protect her creatures with care and shelter!

This is an excerpt of the book, entitled “The Theory of Extinction!” by Subrata Mukherjee.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

©️ Subratagolapi

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