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By Subrata Mukherjee

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The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Topic :”Except intelligence and thought, are humans in any other aspect better than the animals?”

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Opinion of The New World (Natun Prithibi)is expressed clearly against the topic “Is spitting or throwing saliva after chewing betel quid or tobacco on the roads,the railway platforms and in open public places carrying the symbol of human civilization?”, published on the debate of the day @20.30hours on 24.06.2020.

I strongly say that spitting in the open public places or on the roads and railway platforms is in no way carrying the symbol of the human civilization at all.

It is perhaps the ugliest gesture and one of the most unhygienic habits of the human beings and this practice of spitting has no positive but all negative effects upon the health, etiquette and social sense of the human civilization.

The word ‘spit’ means to eject saliva forcibly from mouth and this act is done to get rid of an unwanted or foul smell of substance entered in the mouth.

Though, spitting exists in its form of ugliness,yet it has been always in the practice by the human beings in their daily life and this practice was also very common in the people of the world irrespective of the time and class.

In The United States of America in the 19th century each Justice of the Supreme Court was provided with a personal cuspidor and spittoons were used in the court rooms and public offices as customs. It was very common also in the 19th century Europe and Asian countries.

In Greece and Romania spitting was not considered disgusting in the daily life of the people in historical times and modern society and Old people used to spit on the younger members of the family to ward off evil forces if any in their life and to protect them from unseen evils.

Same was in practice in India,where it was customery for mothers to spit lightly on the children to ward off any chance of entry of evil forces or ‘effect of Nazar’ in life and also the shopkeepers used to count their cash with the spit from their mouth to recognise as the sign of good luck for them in first sale or ‘Bauni’ and these are still in practice as custom even in the modern day India and many parts of the world.

The same kind of customery practice of spitting is found in all the parts of India and there are no differences in the acts of the intellectuals and ordinary people in southern, northern, eastern and western parts of India.

Inspite of all these signs,habits and practices of spitting as customs or by reasons,I must say that spitting is always disgusting and harmful practice both in the eye of etiquette and social norms. It is unhygienic and the source of many diseases like Flu, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis,Viral meningitis and also Covid 19!

Spitting in all forms must be banned with the implementation of all the strong legislations made so far in this regard in India and the world.

Spitting does not contain saliva only but often it contains mucus which is the habitat of many kinds of germs to spread diseases and infections in human body and many germs may live well for the 24 hours in that mucus came out with saliva through spitting.

I hope good sense should prevail in the human mind and spitting should no where be seen in practice in the open public places of the world today.

Being the most intelligent beings humans should not be complacent by passing the legislations only but laws must be seen to be implemented in its strict sense and standards to make this world healthy,hygenic,clean, beautiful and ever free from the disgrace of spitting in public.

I condemn the practice of spitting in public and welcome a better sense of etiquette and obligations from the people of all walks of life in the world.

Thank you,

Subrata Mukherjee,

With the Debate of the day@20.30hours everyday to promote social awareness for a better living!

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

28th June,2020.

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For more information about this topic you can read the original book of the author entitled “Humans,their habits and practices in daily life.”by Subrata Mukherjee.

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