Religion, a science.

By Subrata Mukherjee

Religion,a science .


Part 2.

Continued from Part 1.

Religion is a truth and the forms of religion are not the different religions but various forms and ways of the Universal truth for the causes of righteousness and benevolence for all the people of the world from all walks of life and the truth of religion is expressed in belief and submission with a pure devotion to the Supreme God.

All the forms of the religions are true in their words and versions and aim at protecting the life and determine its way towards salvation from greed, desire and selfishness.

Every form of religion teaches tolerance, love, perseverance, humanity and sacrifice of selfishness and leads a life towards a pure and spiritual destination for peace and happiness for the causes of others breaking the vanity of self and frees a mind to know the true meaning of living.

Religion teaches us self respect and living the life with a simple but a great philosophy. It makes our mind though restrained yet liberal, free yet bound with the flow of truth ,simple in living but high in thinking, remaining in self yet breaking all ego,pride and ignorance and thus drives the mind with inspiration for betterment and creative abilities.

There are no scopes of differences between the forms of religion as these are just the branches of a single tree and the different ways to the same ocean of knowledge and greatness of the Supreme God.

The true follower of any form of religion has understood the essence of all the forms of the religion but a blind and deaf one to his own form of religion is equally blind to all the forms of religion and this ignorance out of his incomplete knowledge and lack of experience leads him to serious misunderstanding with the other blind and deaf followers of the religion and these blind and ignorant people together destroy the purity of the religion!

The truth of religion is universal and more scientific than science , more philosophical than philosophy and only a true and sincere devotee or the follower of any form of religion can realise it’s sublime message and universal appeal.

There are no scopes of competition among the followers of religion as religion never spreads the enmity or competition for the ranks and position and at the same time religion never teaches negation of truth or distortion of facts.

It is owing to the hungry and ignorant people who appeared many in numbers in this great world, time and again but with a mundane view of life, used the means of religion to satisfy their own needs and desires thus have spread the venom of disbelief, enmity, competitions,hatred and many such evils in this ever beautiful earth .

God is great and religion is the practice to attain the bliss of God and this practice is not an easy one but not a tough ond too .God asks nothing from us but a true and sincere observance and devotion towards creation , sacrificing all evils in our heart and mind .

God rests not in the big buildings studded with gems and jewels and crowded with inattentive followers who only believe in dimension and commotion but not in introspection and intuition. God stays in our heart and in our body and every man and woman, every living creature is the incarnation of God besides every thing ,every object every element is that place where God resides .This is the simplest definition of heaven.

It is not in up and not in down, it is with us ,in us and in our words, in our acts, in our thought and in our practice. This is the practice of religion in the simplest explanation.

As a big tree spreads in all directions through its hundreds of branches same is for the religion that spreads to all the directions of this earth and universe through its hundreds of schools, forms and ways.

One is Hinduism, the other is Christianity, one is Islam the other is Buddhism, one is this and the other is that and this way all these great and various forms of religion contained the human beings in their need and protection through the ways of devotion , sacrifice for the causes of truth , uprooting the evils and devils from their mind .

As a good student is always respectful to his teacher and obeys the lessons from his teacher same is true to a good and genuine follower of religion , as a true and devoted follower is always respectful to his own form of religion and he is equally so to the others form as well as he knows that these forms are leading towards the same God in the route of truth, benevolence and salvation.

The man is mortal and ignorance appears as a bliss to a distracted and deviated mind and force it to negate the absolute truth in our life.

God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent .God lives in you and in me, in a tiny creature and in a big animal.

Negating the science of religion will just lead us to a distraction and deviation and when the realisation comes back to our life we find ourself close to the end of our life and then we understand the truth of our science of mortal nature and we repent and try to grab the remaining moments of our life with a prayer to the Supreme God to forgive us for our sin and let us to die in peace for ever!

Thank you all ,

23rd June ,2020.

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