The flow and the fly!

Part 2

By Subrata Mukherjee.

In love with subratagolapi

The flow and the fly!


The old dog is still there!

With a faith in his heart full of layer.

The tiger and the lion with their rage,chase the deer and the bear,yet not eat the grass!

The birds in the sky and the sharks in the sea;

The monkey with its jump on the tree are all happy.

Water flows down as the smoke goes in the air.

The cat has not learnt to bark and the crow sings rare!

The flow and the fly, dance we,in our cry!

For the gain ,time and again, shaking all our shy!!

……the poet is in pain to see the mockery of the humans in their words and acts.


The flow and the fly!

Part 4

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Subratagolapi

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The flow and the fly!

We have the two words, the flow and the fly!
We swing with what and when to take them in our cry.
We move an inch in the flow to get a reverse in the blow!
We take a turn like a ‘U’ as the time comes to fly.
Praise a man in the flow and blame him again in the sky.
Witty brain as we are, take the side with the flow!
A little fear as it comes, we move backward for a fly.
We say today to make the flow to your side;
When you said the same, we close our sense to take a fly.
We know the ground with the flow and take the fly in the sky.
We need a flow for our back to let the othes hit the fly!
We are the big people, dance in our joy, tossing for our profit, with the flow and the fly!

The poet expresses his pain when he sees the mockery and lack of conscience in the human beings!

These poems are taken from the collection of poems by Subrata Mukherjee.

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