The power,the position, the facts and the poverty!

By Subrata Mukherjee.


The New World (Natun Prithibi)

In his book, the author explains how the misleading fictions and wrongful implemention have suppressed the facts in human life and given birth to various incurable distortions and hopeless positions.

This is an excerpt from the original book entitled, ‘The power,the position,the facts and the poverty!” By Subrata Mukherjee.

নতুন পৃথিবী

With the rise and the growth of the human history the facts have always been concealed in the web of fictions. Humans perhaps, are the only animal whose hunger include many such things which are not eatables for their physical health but without consuming such non eatable elements they cannot even stand in their pride and position!

Equality and distribution of wealth have never spread in the human world in evenness of the process and despite growth of civilization might is right always applied in the realm of human existence. This deliberate discrimination and wilful imbalance form the basis of classification on wrong footing in the human society. The poor are taught to compromise with the paucity and chasm and the rich continue enjoying every thing in their possession as their rights in life .

The human world is a place where concentration of power is confined only in the hands of powerful and the powerless have to face and bear the brunt of attack of such discrimination of power games. Poverty and deprivation are the two fruits of injudicious application of facts and fiction by the powerful, on the fate of those helpless humans who are being powerless exposed to their bare facts of life dotted with hunger, diseases, deficiency and starvation.

Wrong use of power is a beautiful dignity for such powerful people of the world who inspite of being less in number dominate over poverty stricken people more in number .

In mathematics, two is never more than nighty eight but in human world two percent of the human population possess more wealth and power than that of the rest nighty eight percent of the population and the entire equation goes wrong in the process of civilization.

The reason can not be explained in a straight line equation but the twists of power and fiction on the facts have resulted in the birth of a naked truth. The truth of poverty is the product of the wrong application of power and position by the powerful humans.

The fiction is stronger than facts and fascination for soft lie is more attractive than hard reality. Most of us have evasive attitude towards the hard truth of our life and we opt to stay away from such bare true facts of life for our instant gain in the troubled waters!

This tricky way of evasion of the hard realities of life by most of us has strengthened the wrong intentions in our mind and acts. This continued for countless years and ultimately human reactions to any reverse act which is not obligatory at all for human standard and ethics does not even receive a minimum attention from their counterparts.

This is not a good sign for the human environment and this is one of the reasons for unfettered growth of unethical practices in the human world and the ice of unresponsive indifference to all sorts of wrong and injustice has frozen the human sense and conscience to an almost morbidity.

The madness of struggle for existence and competitions for collecting fruits of wrong ful gains without the trees of ethical order humans ,except their outward appearance are hard to be recognised by their acts as humans!

However, there are many exceptional instances from the human beings as well in this world and these rare versions are the only rays of hope for the present to protect the future of human civilization.

……….to be continued.

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