A divine soul with an ideal of philanthropy!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.


The author in his book entitled,“A divine soul with an ideal for philanthropy.”is written on the biography of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra and His divine activities for the causes and selfless service to the millions of down trodden in India and the world.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

This book is written on the philanthropic activities of Sri Sri Thakur for the service of the people of all walks of life , who are always from their humble hearts pay their highest form of obedience to Sri Sri Thakur and His noble institution,”The Satsang“in the greatest version of devotion and reverence to their ever respectful ‘Parampita’

Sri Sri Thakur

The noble and divine soul in the embodiment of a true, sincere and dedicated ideal of philanthropy and the selfless service to the cause of the millions of the common people in this world set His divine and sacred feet on this earth on the 14th day of September 1988 in the house of His great parents Sri Shibchandra Chokrovorty and Srimati Manmohini Devi at Hemayetpur, in the district of Pabna now in Bangladesh.

After the completion of school education Sri Sri Thakur completed his degree in medicine and His view about the illness, diseases and cure of the human beings were far different from the common concepts of human health and wellness in vogue at that time.

Sri Sri Thakur believed in the mental strength more than the physical strength in life and He used to believe that applying medicines on the human body could not be effective so much without curing mental infirmities and acquiring mental strength and will power.

Sri Sri Thakur inspite of receiving formal education and knowledge in medicine preferred application of medicines with the psychological upliftment and an emphasis on the mental health. Since His young age Sri Sri Thakur had strong belief in the strength of will power and assembling of positive ‘bhabna’or thought in the practical life.

Sri Sri Thakur was in much extent influenced and inspired by His mother in every thought and action as He used to take part in devotional prayer and meditations along with chanting of ‘Kirtans’ and songs with His mother and His devotional performances were eulogized by the people assembled in the prayer.

Sri Sri Thakur often, while doing such devotional songs and prayers went in to trance and He while in such states of trance used to deliver some utterances which had high spiritual significance at that time .These often used to be the orders of His prayers and devotional performances in the assembly of the people around Him.

These spiritual yet practical words and phrases from the sacred mouth of Sri Sri Thakur formed the inevitable parts of the prayers and later, His such devotional songs and prayers along with the utterances were published in a book called “Punnyapunthi”, the sacred book for the devotees.

Sri Sri Thakur.

Sri Sri Thakur had a vast and impressive knowledge on all the subjects from medicine to human health, from psychology to sociology ,from economics to science of biology and chemistry and for His such a great quality of versatility,He deserved a high acclaim from His contemporaneous learned friends, scholars, philosophers , writers, statesmen and religious teachers, besides His followers and the devotees millions in numbers.

This greatness of Sri Sri Thakur in His thought and action placed Him in love and affection along with reverence of the highest order in the hearts of millions of people in the world. His simplicity,explicit yet implicit witty presentation, serious yet humorous way of talking, flexible yet rigid in order and disciplined mode of life were all legendary instances to be followed all the time in the daily practice of life to attain success and happiness for the self and beyond the self ……….

…..to be continued.

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