Religion, a science!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.


This is an extract of the original book entitled,”Religion,a science“written by the author.It reveals the aspect of religion as a science and the need of religion in our daily life for spiritual happiness which is undoubtedly, a scientific one. The author explains that the religion and science are inseparable parts in a happy and complete human life.

Religion is an act of human by observing which he can attain a stage of realisation to assess how much he is right in self and beyond self. It is a belief of his own and it holds him in a framework of truth and purity and he gets in to the essence of spiritual bliss in his practice of life through the process of religion.

Religion can hold a man upright and rigid in his destination and saves him from possible distractions and deviations in his way. The true obedience to a religion helps him as an yardstick of judgement of his wrong and right in every thought and action in his daily life.

The difference between an inventor and a spectator is on the angle of vision of the two i.e one sees, visualises and thinks about a thing and the other just sees the thing and forgets his act for ever.This very different approach makes an inventor distinguished from the masses of spectators.

When a student sees a thing and forgets all about it assuming that his job is done, he is counted as an ordinary student of science and one day he will blame his luck for trying on science and he will take some other jobs in his life which may not have any direct relation with the subjects of science.

On the contrary, when a student adopts an inquisitive mind on the happening of a particular thing before his eyes and he applies his time and energy with further assessment and deep thought on that particular thing, one day definitely he or she must make his or her name in the field of science successful.

The educational institutions can teach lessons on the subjects of science along with the other subjects but introspection and inquisitive qualities canot be devolved even by the best and dedicated teachers and professors.

How a student prepares his mind depends on his own instinct, realisation and love for the subjects. It is his own quality and affinity to stick to the subject of science with a dedication and devotion inspite of all odds. Many great inventors and scientists of the world did not come out of the greatest of the educational institutions and all the students of science from all the greatest of the institutions in the world have not come out as successful scientists or inventors in their life.

In fact during those days of his life he never asks any question about the rationale of his belief and in the principles and practices of that religion and when he attains his young age, a lot of questions arise in his mind about the reason of his religious acts which he performed and observed in the past years of his life.

However, coming to the young age , normally devotion in the mind of that young man for his own religion is not unquestionable and many doubts and dilemmas take birth in his mind all the time and even at the slightest pretext his young mind is always ready to challenge his own religion and religious practices.

With the passing of time, when that person grows old and gathers experience, his faith in his religion gets redeemed and consolidated as his devotion to his religion becomes absolutely unquestionable and he is ready to accept all the terms of his religion and it’s practices as true and infallible!

This young man who is ready to defy the terms of his own religion may be an ordinary person and that young man when turns to an old one having absolute faith in his religion may be a great scientist or a powerful statesman of the world after acquiring a lot of knowledge,skills and experience in his life!

These two instances prove one thing before us that a less experienced and young heart is more sceptic to the existence and veracity of the religion than that of a more experienced and older heart. The faith of a man or a woman in his or her younger age of life is more volatile than that of an older person.

I keep this question in the open forum of every mind of every learned man and woman in the world about such a transition of belief in religion increasing with his or her age, knowledge and experience in life. My question is to all of you Whether the human beings become more knowledgeable, more experienced with their lessons in life with their increasing age or experience or the human beings become weaker,more frustrated and vulnerable in their skills and confidence as they become older in life?

I have answer ready in mind that the human beings never grow weak and fragile with their age as they see more, read more, understand more and realise more than what they actually do in their younger age and as they understand more about the truth and purity of the science of religion, its positive impact and application in their life than that of their younger age.

With such a strong, intrepid consecration they gradually become more faithful, loyal and obedient to their religion which though are different in forms showing different ways, yet to the same destination towards the attainment of eternal peace and salvation in the truest form of self confidence and devotion to their religion, which is unfettered and absolute in their realisation and understanding of the true object of a successful and complete human life.

They out of their such a strong and definite will and desire to reach their destination of salvation at the feet of the Supreme God of the Universe, respond voluntarily and selflessly in their call from their introspection, faith and belief in their respective religions.

Faith in religion comes from introspection and selfless response.

If I go for the simplest form and meaning of a religion I must find that a true religion is always beneficial and kind to the human beings and other living creatures in the world . Therefore,it is scientific as it has a definite system and code of conduct useful to all with blessings and purity of realisation.

… be continued to Part 2.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

23rd June ,2020.

©️ Subratagolapi

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