The Srimad Bhagavad Gita!

By Subrata Mukherjee

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

Introduction by the author :

As I am requested and inspired also, by many scholars and devotees of the Lord Krishna to present a simple view of the Holy Book , “The Srimad Bhagavad Gita” and I being one of the most humble among the purest of the devotees of Lord Krishna and His magical greatness in the making of this wonderful world and the Universe, I present my own respectful submission about this great Holy Book!

I expect to receive an optimistic reply from the great scholars , devotees of Lord Krishna and the readers and followers of my posts and publications from all the corners of the world as usual and I shall be obliged to them for ever for their positive comments and inspiration in support of my effort inspite of my very little knowledge about such a magical creation by the Lord Krishna Himself!

I assume with a deep respect to my readers across the world that the simple explanation of the Great Holy Book ,”The Srimad Bhagavad Gita” will be interesting to all the older and the younger generation of the world today.

Thank you all .


Arjuna, the great archer and an excellent warrior, being the Pandava III in front of the thousands of enemies in the battle line of Kurukshetra suddenly became reluctant to take part in the incumbent war against the Kauravas.

He lost all his wishes to hold his weapon and in all his dejected mind losing every hope and spirit of his life , duty and role to play there in the battle field started asking a few questions to the Lord Krishna who was the ‘sarathi ‘ of the chariot of Arjuna and looking at the completely frustrated and confused Arjuna in his body and mind, the ‘sarathi’ Krishna in his ever smiling face took a front role to uplift the morale of the warrior.

In the reply of the questions asked by Arjuna , the Lord Krishna in his role as a ‘sarathi’, advised Arjuna to stick to his immediate duty as a soldier in the battlefield of kurukshetra ignoring all the aspects of profits and losses and the future consequences of his acts and in doing so Arjuna must equate pain with pleasure to complete his duty selflessly.

Lord Krishna’s reply was not for Arjuna only but for all the human beings for all the ages from all the walks of life and the divine message was to deliver to the mind of Arjuna who was the representative of all the ordinary people of all time and all the ages, past, present and even the future and the questions and confusions appeared in the mind of Arjuna were the common questions and confusions dotted with doubts and riddles.

These often tease and tear the minds and brains of all the common people in the world in their daily life . So , the Lord appears today as the charioteer of Arjuna that means as the guide of every common man and woman in the world to wipe out all the clouds of confusions and doubts from the human mind so that he or she must not deviate from doing his or her duty in real life.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

The questions were many in the mind of Arjuna and his confusions clouded all his confidence and turned him in to a frail and fragile person who started trembling even before himself and was even unable to stand on his feet which also became weak and staggering!

If a person like Arjuna could be crippled in such confusions what would be the effect of those questions and confusions in the mind of the ordinary people ? Therefore , it was an urgent call for the protection of duty and justice for Lord Krishna who knowing all the issues beforehand attended the call promptly and produced logical reply to all the questions which were extremely important and relevant in His eyes .Arjuna was entrusted with the most important duty to render justice to the victims of conspiracy , evil acts , humiliation and injustice from misdeeds and deliberate wrong in the hands of apparently mighty Kauravas.

Arjuna had to do his duty not for his self only but for the protection of the weak, the upright religious people , women in the then degrading society .Lord Krishna could have finished all the evil forces at that time applying His supreme power but the Lord Himself acted as the charioteer of Arjuna , the guide and friend of a common man who opened his mind to another man who was infact a divine God , the Lord Krishna Himself with all His magical and transcendental authority to control all the forces of the Universe!

The Lord Krishna in the battle of Kurukshetra never used His power nor appeared as a supreme commander rather He embodied himself as a charioteer and just guided Arjuna in the path of duty and in order to enlighten the sense of Arjuna and to eliminate all llusions and distractions from the path of duty the ‘sarathi’ Krishna showed His magical and supreme divine power only visible to the eyes of Arjuna. Lord Krishna turned the view of Arjuna from the distraction to destination, from defeat to victory and this was for the cause of duty and justice in the establishment of ‘Dharma’ in the society and the human life in the whole of the world.

The Lord Himself came to assist Arjuna in the path of duty for the protection and freedom of the mankind from the tyranny of the cruel and wicked in the form of the Kauravas and their allied forces .He taught Arjuna to be unperturbed in any situation in his life and advised to remain unattached to all the mundane affairs that could distract his attention while doing his duty.

In fact the Lord did not communicate His divine versions to Arjuna only rather His magical expression was intended to every one in the human world, Arjuna was just a communicator between Him and all the human beings, His advice and messages were not restricted to Arjuna only , it was open and expressive for every living creature.

In his divine versions, The Lord Krishna described the mystery and object of life and it’s significance in one’s own interest and in the interest of others.The reasons of our birth and death, utilities of life and it’s role in self and society were explained in detail with references to practical and spiritual aspects .The Holy Book itself is a vast ocean of knowledge and endless inspiration for betterment of individuals in their moral , spiritual , religious, cultural and practical life among all the conflicts and dilemmas.

Every one and everything in this world and the universe is under absolute control and authority of the Supreme Lord who is both the Creator and Destroyer and for His own will and pleasure He does the acts .These acts of His are all beneficial for the good forces in the long run and brings destruction for the evil forces .He brings better one, substituting good and the best one, substiting the better and this, continues in His pleasure of creation so long and so far He wishes!

The Lord is not concerned for the human beings only but for the all living and non-living entities from tinniest to the largest . He holds control over everything and everyone and all are His children who always get His sublime grace for every good act of theirs and get punished for every evil acts from theirs . Nothing is concealed from His eyes and nobody is more powerful than He. The Lord sees before and after and takes every account of the acts and thoughts of the creatures. He is the greatest ,the highest and the brightest. He is benevolent to every kind heart and harsh to every cruel one.

He believes in ‘Karma’, the work in the path of duty and Dharma in the purest and pious form and orders .He believes in non attachment to mundane and self interests. He is vocal for selfless thoughts and acts unmoved for duty which is rightful and in the service of kindness .He loves convergence in the divergence and prefers resolution to fluctuation.

He is a servant to the humble and religious, a friend to the harmonious , a guide to the infructuous, a philosopher to the wise , the creator to the kind , and the destroyer to the evil and inimical. His words are infallible, His acts are indomitable, His vision is unsurmountable and He is furious to ingrate and inglorious and He is the protector of all who are infirm and submissive to His will as the devotees in the purest form of their mind.

The Lord Krishna in His divine message to Arjuna warned him of the attachments to the ordinary and mundane affairs of life as these attachments take this life towards ultimate destruction.

The Lord explains that the ordinary human mind desires for ordinary things and that desire gives birth to attachment to those ordinary things and this attachment leads him to desire for more and that unfulfilled desire in his life makes him addict and angry and that flame of anger burns all his good sense and intelligence and his desires increases further and he loses all his reasoning which opens the path of destruction for him.

Temptation deviates human mind from his duty and shows him the path of destruction .The tempted and angry person loses all his peace of mind and when he loses his peace of mind , his reason gets evaporated and he is unable to distinguish peace from violence, good from bad. Desires when comes to human mind, grows in itself and baffles the human mind immediately and makes him all unhappy all the time in his life.

In His divine message to Arjuna , the Lord exposes the difference between an ordinary person and a perfect sage .An ordinary person always is driven by his unlimited desire and temptation to receive certain ordinary objects in his life which is useful for his own benefit only and his eyes are set on the fruits and the results in favour of his own gain and interest only.

In contrast , a perfect sage remains unattached to mundane affairs and is not concerned about the fruits but the trees and the forests , not about the results but about the acts which are dutiful for him and beneficial for all and this perfect sage thinks and works at a time when the ordinary man enjoys his time in leisure and takes rest.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

A perfect sage does not live for his own causes and benefits but for the benefits of all the living beings and protection of the non living objects also in his reach and capacity.

These characteristics of a perfect sage makes him a determined person ever fixed in his destination, unperturbed by all the waves of desires generated only out of his sense organs,rather he endeavours to a spiritual sense to determine his rightful duty for the causes of others and for his subtle and precise discerning observations he never crosses his limit in his life.

In contrast , the driving force from the sense organs of an ordinary person carries him easily to an unknown and deviated track which is miles away from his destination of life and once he gets confused and sets his feet in, he never becomes able to retreat from the darkness of sinful acts in his life .The more he lives, the more he approaches towards darker world and oneday, reaches close to his destruction.

Warning of such an ill fate in human life , Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to follow the path of a perfect sage all the time and further advised him to keep himself on that very track with his eyes focussing on duties to establish Religion which is all meaningful and altruistic for the next generations!

The Lord again advised Arjuna in His divine message to be exactly like an ocean with all its vastness, expansion with the power of contraction, absorbing all the flows of all the rivers and seas,yet remains in its own limit at ease and comfort.

The life of a perfect sage is like that of an ocean with all its vastness and glorious activities on the path of the selfless service to the causes of all the factors surrendering in its front and inspite of all such wonderful and great feats, it remains calm for ever and smiles with its rolling waves as if it doesn’t not know anything about his greatness!

In continuation of His sublime and graceful message to Arjuna, the Lord Krishna among all the rightful paths , described the two great paths in human life to attain the rightful destination in the path of his duty and to be able to reach the Moksha , the ultimate freedom from the mortal quality.

The two great paths of human activities as imperative in life as described by the Lord as ‘Jnana Yoga’ or the ‘Jnana marga’ , that means, the path of knowledge and the ‘Karma Yoga’ or the ‘Karma marga’ that means, the path of actions and both are important and complementary to each other and both are the actions of the sages in order to raise and complete their duties in the path of truth and establishment of Dharma ,the Religion for the righteous to reach the attainment of Moksha from the mortal quality.

A perfect sage is not blind to the happenings in and around him , nor he keeps his senses closed and unresponsive to the activities of the world.

Where an ordinary person is carried and swept away easily by the actions of the world, a perfect sage in that position, absorbs all the things sensibly with his powerful realisation and either by the application of ‘Jnana Yoga’ or ‘Karma Yoga’ he finds the truth and answers in his positive and ever responsive attitude .A perfect sage is controlled in self and out side his self , and even in the most turmoiling and restless situation he is able to keep his senses under his absolute control.

If a person in his life is able to do this he has surely established himself in the position of a perfect sage and is called as accomplished one, to conduct selflessly all his duty for the righteous to the reach of salvation!

The Lord Krishna.

A short extract from the original book,”The Srimad Bhagavad Gita”written by Subrata Mukherjee.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

©️ Subratagolapi

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