The Srimad Bhagawad Gita!

In contrast, a perfect sage remains unattached to mundane affairs and is not concerned about the fruits but the trees and the forests, not about the results but about the acts which are dutiful for him and beneficial for all and this perfect sage thinks and works at a time when the ordinary man enjoys his time in leisure and takes rest.

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

A perfect sage does not live for his own causes and benefits but for the benefits of all the living beings and protection of the non living objects also in his reach and capacity.

These characteristics of a perfect sage makes him a determined person ever fixed in his destination, unperturbed by all the waves of desires generated only out of his sense organs,rather he endeavours to a spiritual sense to determine his rightful duty for the causes of others and for his subtle and precise discerning observations he never crosses his limit in his life.

In contrast , the driving force from the sense organs of an ordinary person carries him easily to an unknown and deviated track which is miles away from his destination of life and once he gets confused and sets his feet in, he never becomes able to retreat from the darkness of sinful acts in his life. The more he lives, the more he approaches towards darker world and oneday, reaches close to his destruction.

Warning of such an ill fate in human life, Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to follow the path of a perfect sage all the time and further advised him to keep himself on that very track with his eyes focussing on duties to establish Religion which is all meaningful and altruistic for the next generations!

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