The Srimad Bhagawad Gita!

He believes in ‘Karma’, the work in the path of duty and Dharma in the purest and pious form and orders .He believes in non attachment to mundane and self interests. He is vocal for selfless thoughts and acts unmoved for duty which is rightful and in the service of kindness .He loves convergence in the divergence and prefers resolution to fluctuation.

He is a servant to the humble and religious, a friend to the harmonious , a guide to the infructuous, a philosopher to the wise, the creator to the kind and the destroyer to the evil and inimical. His words are infallible, His acts are indomitable, His vision is unsurmountable and He is furious to ingrate and inglorious and He is the protector of all who are infirm and submissive to His will as the devotees in the purest form of their mind.

The Lord Krishna in His divine message to Arjuna warned him of the attachments to the ordinary and mundane affairs of life as these attachments take this life towards ultimate destruction.

The Lord explains that the ordinary human mind desires for ordinary things and that desire gives birth to attachment to those ordinary things and this attachment leads him to desire for more and that unfulfilled desire in his life makes him addict and angry and that flame of anger burns all his good sense and intelligence and his desires increases further and he loses all his reasoning which opens the path of destruction for him.

Temptation deviates human mind from his duty and shows him the path of destruction.The tempted and angry person loses all his peace of mind and when he loses his peace of mind, his reason gets evaporated and he is unable to distinguish peace from violence, good from bad. Desires when comes to human mind, grows in itself and baffles the human mind immediately and makes him all unhappy all the time in his life.

In His divine message to Arjuna , the Lord exposes the difference between an ordinary person and a perfect sage. An ordinary person always is driven by his unlimited desire and temptation to receive certain ordinary objects in his life which is useful for his own benefit only and his eyes are set on the fruits and the results in favour of his own gain and interest only.

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