The Srimad Bhagawad Gita!

The Lord Krishna in the battle of Kurukshetra never used His power nor appeared as a supreme commander rather He embodied himself as a charioteer and just guided Arjuna in the path of duty and in order to enlighten the sense of Arjuna and to eliminate all llusions and distractions from the path of duty the ‘sarathi’ Krishna showed His magical and supreme divine power only visible to the eyes of Arjuna. Lord Krishna turned the view of Arjuna from the distraction to destination, from defeat to victory and this was for the cause of duty and justice in the establishment of ‘Dharma’ in the society and the human life in the whole of the world.

The Lord Himself came to assist Arjuna in the path of duty for the protection and freedom of the mankind from the tyranny of the cruel and wicked in the form of the Kauravas and their allied forces . He taught Arjuna to be unperturbed in any situation in his life and advised to remain unattached to all the mundane affairs that could distract his attention while doing his duty.

In fact the Lord did not communicate His divine versions to Arjuna only, rather His magical expression was intended to every one in the human world, Arjuna was just a communicator between Him and all the human beings, His advice and messages were not restricted to Arjuna only, it was open and expressive for every living creature.

In his divine versions, The Lord Krishna described the mystery and object of life and it’s significance in one’s own interest and in the interest of others.The reasons of our birth and death, utilities of life and it’s role in self and society were explained in detail with references to practical and spiritual aspects.The Holy Book itself is a vast ocean of knowledge and endless inspiration for betterment of individuals in their moral, spiritual, religious, cultural and practical life necessary to win in all the conflicts and dilemmas.

Every one and everything in this world and the universe is under absolute control and authority of the Supreme Lord who is both the Creator and Destroyer and for His own will and pleasure He does the acts. These acts of His are all beneficial for the good forces in the long run and brings destruction for the evil forces. He brings better one, substituting good and the best one, substiting the better and this, continues in His pleasure of creation so long and so far He wishes!

The Lord is not concerned for the human beings only but for the all living and non-living entities from tinniest to the largest. He holds control over everything and everyone and all are His children who always get His sublime grace for every good act of theirs and get punished for every evil acts from theirs . Nothing is concealed from His eyes and nobody is more powerful than He. The Lord sees before and after and takes every account of the acts and thoughts of the creatures. He is the greatest ,the highest and the brightest. He is benevolent to every kind heart and harsh to every cruel one.

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