The flow of life .

The flow of life

By Subrata Mukherjee


This is an extract of the book entitled “The flow of life” written by the author.In this book,the author depicts the preponderance of the magical powers of the Lord of the Universe without whose sublime desire for the wellbeing of the creatures,the existence of life is meaningless and incomplete.

This ever certain divine power is instilled in a creature in accordance with the powerful will of that Supreme Lord and the life becomes dynamic from its static and morbid stage.Then,with a magical and very subtle push by the invisible power of the Supreme God,the life reacts immediately and starts a move to convey a message of the Creator, to everyone and everywhere.

This wonderful start of movements in life is called the flow of life ,which proceeds with the magical push and after dissemination of the divine message of the Lord,is recalled to the Creator again on a day, the day we call the end of life !

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