The Factual Paradox!

By Subrata Mukherjee.

In love with Golapi, Subratagolapi.

The factual paradox!

The New World (Natun Prithibi)

This is the story about confusions and confrontations in human mind and how it affects the human acts and thoughts in real life to make him vulnerable in his decisions !

Every country in the world has gone through transition and this is a natural course to be witnessed by the countries of the world from east to west and from south to north.This unique process of transitioning of the countries have been very useful to their shapes to these versions they are standing at .

This process of transition sometimes led by geographical processes, sometimes by economic, sometimes by political and sometimes by many other unknown reasons. Many ups and downs were seen, through these transition mechanisms besides, many constructions and destructions. Many countries have lost their importance and many have regained their positions in the world through these wonderful process of transitions.

Perhaps, every body will believe that such peculiar acts of change in the shape and structure of this world for so many times have left much impact on the human life and it’s behaviour. Structural change in the earth’s surface has made the environment conducive for living, at the same time, reverse action has also been seen in the human behaviour.

For such changes, the human acts and thoughts have come under different forms of variations. This definitely paved the way for confusions in the accumulation of an universal idea of a pure “ism” in the human life and as a result, misconceptions remain active in the human minds about the existence of a pure “ism”.

This ultimately creates a factual Paradox in human life with the confronting opinions and decisions and human beings despite their all discerning observations fail to conclude in a satisfying thought they have ever dreamt of. In course of time, with the rapid and extreme level of changes in the habit and habitat of the modern day human beings those factual confrontations and confusions have increased to a large amount.

Now, the human life has become so much complicated that the facts and fictions are accepted in human life universally irrespective of their ranks and position and an environment of equality among inequality persists every where in the human society in carrying that lacuna in their thought and action!

This loophole and lapse in thought and action among the modern day civilized human beings is appearing costly for the future of humanity. The attachment of the human mind to a particular purpose is getting diluted for such lapses in mind resulting an ambiguity in the human relations inside the family and outside, in the society.

In the prehistoric ages, uncivilized humans used to welcome the unknown humans with physical attacks and invasions to destroy them in life physically, in contrast, today, a civilized human welcomes another unknown human with the attack of doubts and suspicions to eliminate him from the position in his eye or in the society.

This unique nature of human suspicion on the other human has come from such terrible lapses in thought and action resulting a disaster in the human relation.

Now, the equation in our life is very simple, being modern and civilized members of this great civilization, we have to carry the rhythm of belief and disbelief as per the demands of the situation and we have learnt the required tricks of associations and dissociations from such situations.

This undulating behaviour in our life has taught us many new basics beyond our primary sense with which we have born and grown up with our system of education since our childhood days .We have learnt double ways of living, one with the educational books and institutions and the other in our practice and preaching.

This way, we have learnt many beautiful tricks and the means of shielding ourselves from facing various practical reasoning in our life.We have learnt to stay with compromise and also have been adapted to live in a silent revolution!

The words of our conscience are not articulated from our mouth and we are happy to pass our days in the swing of material satisfaction in the order and capacity of our choice on the basis of as we are and where we are and we wonder in our thought about the existence and application of our flexible backbone.

If I talk about the constraints in the present day life of a man or a woman or I mention the compulsions in living by human way I have to be bold against many things and many forces in the society. The lessons I have learnt in my life in my days of the education from the recognised institutions have not been implemented even for the asking.

Many people may have the same experience in their life as they have learnt some great lessons in their life with expensive and practiced educations from similar kinds of great institutions but duly failed to implement those invaluable thoughts in their actions when the time demanded the same from them and this way they joined the silent and inert protest against odds and injustice in their practical life.

In that non application of their hard earned education in their real life in the personal and social framework, a discouraging wave in the human community gets entry automatically. This is the start of negation of values and human sense and if this continues for infinite years in its full flow the humanity itself may face extinction for ever.

Then, this world will be full of human population devoid of all human sense and sensibility of a human being which shall be enough to make this world an abode of heartless intellectuals. The life will be full of commodities and lack of derivatives of noble qualities of that pure “ism” with the softness of creativity, passion for truth and purity of humanity for all political, economic and social ranks in the human community.

As the Lord is true and pure with His soft heart, quality of forbearance, endurance and graceful with imposition of pristine lessons beneficial to all the human beings in the universal dictum of to live and let live, enchanting the song of creation for betterment of all, let them sprouting in full blossoms with vigour and inspiration.

This could have been the face of the human community, green in colour with the possibility of life and true love and care in tune with the proper education received from the great institutions and could have been applied in liberal and truthful mind for the benefit of human community as a whole and the world of ours would have been the heaven for all.

This noble wish of the Lord of the universe remains unsatisfied for many hundred years for many thousand mysterious and unlawful interferences in to His message by greedy and selfish creatures shaping themselves as the most intelligent human beings acted only to satisfy their aims and ambitions in life. This act of perpetration in to the most lawful, cogent, beneficial message of the Lord of the world has turned the fate of human life towards incrimination and death.

As the purity of thoughts has not been converted in the application of constructive education for many unforeseen constraints and compulsions for many years inspite of necessity, the world has turned grey in colour and the spirit of humanity has faced brutal jolts and is on the verge of elimination.

The lack of application of good sense and talents in most of the human institutions has deteriorated the quality of human life and happiness. Material comforts have covered our life in a complete shape but the spiritual and religious happiness have not been construed yet for the perpetual welfare of human community.

A human being cannot be happy with material comforts only, he or she needs some orders and inspiration for higher intellectual platform with creative and constructive appeal. This is a human world where life cannot be fully satisfied only with bread and butter.

We have born superior as our head is held high on our body and upright with our backbone standing in strength on our strong legs and dreamt of with our two hands actively working with the direction of our intelligent brain and purified by our conscience of heart gifted by the God Himself.

We should not be living for life of materialistic happiness only doing nothing good for others. Our strength is not explicit for the cause of exploitation of the poor and weak brothers and sisters of the world irrespective of colours and classes .We cannot allow the lapses and loopholes to consolidate it’s evil root on the top of our society. This can ruin the rule of human civilization.

The most intellectual creature created by the Lord of the universe cannot remain so passive that the hazardous predators in the shape of humans and the savages with their heartless, insipid, self interested motives will take the seats of rulers and mislead the force of humanity to utter destructions .

We canot allow nuclear tests at the cost of environment and where millions of human beings are dying unfed, unprotected. We should not bow down to greed and lust of wealth depriving the basic needs of millions of common helpless people.

We have to implement our great education we have received from the greatest of the institutions for the welfare of the humanity, fraternity and betterment of individuals.

One man or woman is like the great Sun in our society, the rays of his or her noble act can enlighten the whole of human community in the world .If these noble qualities are not articulated within a very short period of time and the conscience of human heart is not exposed with that true and pure “ism” the demonic misapplication of beastly inferiority by the ruthless power mongers in the guise of human appearance will leave the entire world on the brink of elimination for ever.

To resolute the stand of the pristine humanity, good and intelligible people have the key role to play with the song of solidarity for the future of humanity .The life of the world is protected in the hands of those who shall stand tall and rigid with the “ism” of truth and justice and whose hearts will not tremble to hold the strongest yet, right decisions for the sake of humanity of the world.

The future of the world is not in confusions of vulnerable minds dotted with greed, lust and avarice but in the care and protection of those noble hearts who will be compassionate and caring to all prospective and weak successors in the line for the sake of humanity!

The compassionate and caring quality for prospective and weak in the line of successors.

…………………This is a short extract from the original book ,”The Factual Paradox!” by Subrata Mukherjee.

©️ Subratagolapi

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  1. Thank you very much sir, you give us great opportunity to increase our knowledge.. Your efforts increase our enthusiasm to read new books..we are always waiting for your new updates…


  2. Thank you very much sir, you give us great opportunity to increase our knowledge.. Your efforts increase our enthusiasm to read new books…I am always waiting for your new updates…


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